Heidi and Beat SoltermannYour hosts

For over 25 years we have been working on and in our dream: this hotel and restaurant.  And we have always tried to discover new ways to make your stay even more pleasant and comfortable.

We are very glad to have you as our guests.

Heidi and Beat Soltermann

Team Service2017kleinRestaurant Team

  • Barbara Häfliger: Chef de Service, since 2011
  • Alena Langenegger: Chef de Service, since 2002 (with break)
  • Manuela Fankhauser: restaurant specialist,
     since 2000 (with break)                                                  
  • Daniela Neuenschwander: hotel specialist, since 2012
  • Julia Burger: restaurant specialist, since 2012 
  • Nicole Christen: apprentice 3nd year
  • Eliane Sommer: apprentice 3nd year
  •  Mirjam Riedwil: apperntice 1st year
  • Bethli Schranz: ouer goot soul

Küche 2017kleinKitchen Team

  • Andrea Felder: Chef de cuisine,  since 2010
  • Lisi Wenger: Chef de partie saucier,  since 1992
  • Michael Gfeller: cook,  since Mai 2015
  •  Cornel Schöpfer: cook, since February 2018
  • Thomas Truffer: cook, since April 2018
  • Madlen Rentsch: apprentice 2st year
  • Raija Lanz: apprentice 1st year

Margrith EmmeneggerYour host at the Hotel Emmental

Margrith Emmenegger

For more than 6 years Margrith has been managing Hotel Emmental with passion and meticulous attention to detail. She and her friendly team are doing everything to make your stay a wonderful experience and to fulfill your wishes.

Hotel teamHotel Team

  • Margrith Emmenegger: Hotel manager
  • Leonora Lipp: apprentice 2st year
  • Dario Zaugg: apprentice 1st year
  • Doris Fankhauser: Hauskeeping, since 2013
  • Sherife Sejdija: Hauskeeping, since 2013
  • Jarka Zurflüh: Bier garden employee, since 2016
  • Monika Richener: Bier garden employee, since 2015
Susann Aegeter: apprentice 1st year