HeidilachendYour hosts

For over 27 years we have been working on and in our dream: this hotel and restaurant.  And we have always tried to discover new ways to make your stay even more pleasant and comfortable.

We are very glad to have you as our guests.

Heidi and Beat Soltermann

Serviceteam klein 2020Restaurant Teamfrom: left to right

  • Selam Tesfahuny: apprentice in the 2nd year as restaurant employee EBA
  • Barbara Häfliger: as deputy and Chef de Service she is very hardworking, loyal and reliable for the company and the team. She has been part of the team for 10 years and enjoys fine food and good wine.
  • Daniela Neuenschwander: hotel manageress and always friendly and savvy, also serving for over 9 years with us. She is a passionate mushroom picker and enjoys hiking.
  • Heidi Soltermann: hostess with heart and soul
  • Julia Burger: Restaurant Expert she has been working with us for more than 9 years. Always in a good mood, calm, helpful and hardworking. In her free time she likes nature and dancing.
  • Manuela Fankhauser: our loyal soul, loves her family. We trained her as a service specialist and she was our first employee at Hotel Emmental in 2002. After an interruption she is working part-time again for more than 12 years.


 DSC6067keinKitchen Team

  •  Michael Gfeller:  our chef is also a passionate cook in his spare time and a connoisseur, loves rock music and wine. Has been working in our kitchen for 6 years.
  • Joel Beck: 2nd year apprentice
  • Simon Hirsbrunner: apprentice cook. He sings, does a lot of sports and loves his goats more than anything.
  • Stefanie Wüthrich: 2nd year apprentice
  • Rajia Lanz: has successfully completed her apprenticeship with us and is part of our team again after a short break.
  • Linda Dolder: 3rd year apprentice, likes going out and skiing
  • Beat Soltermann: likes fine dining, planning and building for our businesses, skiing, e-biking, hiking, traveling and likes to be cozy.
  • Elio Bongiovanni: 1st year apprentice (not on the photo)

Hotelteam 2020 Hotel Team

  • Happiness Ekemakor: Hotel Housekeeping employee EBA, since 2018
  • Sylvia Eichenberger: hotel employee since 2021 
  • Monika Richener: hotel employee since 2016 
  • Anne-Marie Hirschi: hotel employee since 2022
  • Irene Baumgartner: hotel employee since 2022

Biergartenteam 2020 kleinBeergarden and Bar

  • Jarka Zurflüh: employee beer garden, since 2016
  • Andrea Galal: employee beer garden, since 2020